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Enterprise Office Network

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On your campus office network, you may often encounter the following issues: wireless signal coverage holes, information security vulnerabilities, complex network O&M for a large user base, and high cost. Ruijie Enterprise Office Network Solution safeguards your network through High-Density VIP Guard/Seamless Roaming and AR Defense/WIS Visualized O&M technologies.


Massive endpoint access, complex network deployment, and safety hazard of extra-high voltage

Difficult management of ELV rooms for fast service provisioning and bandwidth upgrade

Wireless signal coverage holes, and congestion during high-concurrent access

Low information security and poor service experience in mobile office scenarios



Ruijie Enterprise Office Network Solution implements both wired and wireless all-optical deployment, adaptable to various office scenarios. It lays a stable and reliable foundation for office networks in all aspects. Furthermore, this solution provides network management and authentication software, simplifying network management and offering authentication services for both employees and guests. This ensures secure, reliable network access and ultimate user experience.
Office Scenarios
Enterprise Office Network Solution Topology
Scenario Characteristics
Solution Benefits
Complicated Network on Large Campuses
  • The campus network can accommodate more than 1,000 users.

  • The network devices include core switches, aggregation switches, access switches, egress routers, wireless APs & ACs, server group.

Simplified Networking Connection
  • Ruijie's solution supports heterogeneous networking, avoids vendor lock-in, and enables customers to build networks and expand capacity seamlessly, maximizing their ROI. Wired networks support stacking/de-stacking architecture, while wireless networks support headquarters-branch architecture, allowing for flexible network construction.

Various Types of Access Endpoints
  • Access endpoints include office PCs, mobile office terminals (such as mobile phones and tablets), conference terminals, cameras, access control devices, large screens, and intelligent service robots.

Identity Recognition & Management
  • The network and endpoints are seamlessly integrated, ensuring superior experience.

Complex Network Architecture
  • Separate construction and operation of wired and wireless networks lead to unclear boundaries and resource waste.

  • There are wired office networks, wireless office networks, equipment networks, production networks (in a broad sense), R&D networks, and test networks.

One Network for Multiple Services
  • One network for multiple purposes: Integrated devices (a single device supports wired and wireless functions), deployment, and O&M for both wired and wireless networks to save CAPEX and OPEX.

  • Multi-service integration: Only one physical network needs to be built to carry multiple types of services.

Lack of Guarantee for VIP Users/Key Services
  • User experience of VIP users cannot be guaranteed.

  • Network quality for key services cannot be guaranteed.

Dedicated, and High Reliability network experience For VIP users
  • VIP users/key services: VIP users enjoy dedicated, stable, and guaranteed network experience. Continuity of customers' key services is ensured.

Solutions for High-Density Scenarios (Meeting Rooms and Staff Canteens)
O&M Layer
  • One-click preview
  • One-click diagnosis
  • One-click network optimization
  • One-click detection
Cloud intelligence makes high-density networks simpler
  • Device-based O&M Experience-based O&M

  • Fault locating efficiency reduced from hours to minutes

  • Reactive Proactive

Scheduling Layer
  • Correct-link
  • Air-Reorder
  • AR-roaming
  • Preax
Dynamic tuning brings the ultimate high-density experience
  • Correct-link: Solves the problem of remote association and load balancing

  • AirReorder: Suppresses greedy terminals, and accelerates VIP services

  • AR-roaming: Mobile conferences with zero lag

  • Preax: Dynamically suppresses interference

Access Layer
  • Wi-Fi 7
  • RF isolation
  • Smart antenna
Dynamic tuning brings the ultimate high-density experience
  • Wi-Fi 7 improves high-density access experience

  • RF isolation enhances multi-frequency performance by 30%

  • Smart antenna increases signal-to-noise ratio by 100%



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