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Stay Ahead with Simplified
Optical Ethernet 3.1

The Fast and Future-Ready Network Solution


SOE Solution is designed for enterprise-class campus network scenarios such as education, office, and smart manufacturing. By applying fiber-to-the-room (FTTR) deployment, the solution inherits the advantages of the CWDM Ethernet solution, which effectively reduces the cabling costs between the core equipment room and buildings. While guaranteeing exclusive bandwidth, the solution also realizes all passive devices in ELV rooms using passive CWDM technology, centralized power supply at the access layer through hybrid cables, and long-distance optical transmission using the optical i-Share master AP with separated optical and electrical ports and hybrid cables to power optical micro APs. This solution provides an expandable, efficient, stable, and easy-to-maintain all-optical network for users in various industries.


Complex Scenarios & Poor Performance

In high-density scenarios, the network is prone to lag and requires device upgrades to meet the high-density wireless needs. As new technologies such as XR and VR and video applications become widespread in mobile offices, the demand for network performance continues to increase.

Difficult Service Expansion

In the traditional network architecture, Ethernet cables cannot be flexibly added, and high network construction costs and the long network construction cycle also hinder network upgrade and expansion.

Challenges in Powering Terminals

The challenge of ensuring uninterruptible power supply (UPS), coupled with the difficulty in accessing power or insufficient power infrastructure in old buildings, means that devices such as APs and cameras may not be powered as needed, impacting the stability and usability of network devices.

Onerous Network O&M

Devices in ELV rooms are numerous, with unclear permissions and responsibilities and insufficient space, posing electrical safety hazards. In addition, network fault locating mainly relies on personal experience, resulting in a long fault recovery period and affecting service continuity.


SOE Solution Exclusively Designed for Enterprise-Level Market


All-Optical Ethernet

The all-optical Ethernet architecture provides ultra-high bandwidth through all-optical interconnection and 10 Gbps access, meeting the high bandwidth requirements of various services. It provides outstanding flexibility and scalability to meet growing service demands.

Innovative Integration of CWDM and Hybrid Cables

SOE Solution innovatively integrates CWDM, hybrid cables, and wireless technologies, and provides all-optical connections for wired and wireless devices in a unified manner, realizing passive and O&M-free ELV rooms in buildings. In addition, the solution uses hybrid cables for long-distance transmission to provide centralized power supply at the access layer, breaking the distance limit of traditional Ethernet cables and making deployment more efficient and simple.

Easy O&M

SOE Solution supports software-defined networking (SDN) for fast deployment and automatic O&M of campus networks. You can perform lightweight access control with one-click approval, achieving fast and secure terminal access. SOE Solution also supports network traffic visualization, fast fault locating, and fast recovery of the production network through automatic O&M.

Story of Success

Telkom University

Telkom University, recognized as the Best Private University in Indonesia, has collaborated with Ruijie Networks to tackle wireless coverage challenges at their Purwokerto campus. By deploying the WIS & Wireless solution as a pilot project, Ruijie Networks aimed to extend coverage to various areas on campus, including corridor roofs and dormitories, thereby enhancing the overall network experience for students and faculty members.

Universiti Teknologi MARA

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia's largest university , faced challenges with aging switches and wireless devices, compounded by the need for network construction in new campus buildings. To overcome these obstacles, Ruijie Networks stepped in with its Simplified Optical Ethernet (SOE) solution, offering reliable Proof of Concept (POC) performance.

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Q: Are electricity safety and short-circuit protection considered in power supply over hybrid cables?

A: Yes. The system incorporates PoE negotiation to verify the peer device's validity before starting power supply. It also provides overcurrent and short-circuit protection. Hybrid cables are designed with thicker insulation and higher voltage tolerance, offering enhanced safety over standard Ethernet cables.

Q: Is there a unified platform that monitors and manages the power supply?

A: The INC platform supports visualization of optical i-Share master APs. You can check DC connectors and optical ports and power on or off the device on the platform.

Q: Does SOE Solution support Wi-Fi 7 APs?

A: Yes. SOE Solution is compatible with both Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7 APs, offering flexible access. The new Wi-Fi 7 product RG-AP9861-R is recommended for the demands of Wi-Fi 7 capabilities.

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